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6 Tips to Feel Confident at Your Engagements

I think we can all agree that posing for photos might not be the most natural thing to do - it’s actually very common! I know plenty of beautiful brides and handsome grooms that have expressed this concern with me. I’d like to share the tips I tell each of them to make them feel confident and comfortable.

1) Wear what makes you feel cute

I can’t stress this enough. Feeling confident in your outfit can change your mood! I want all of my brides and grooms to feel assured. Wear something you would normally wear. The outfit should represent you. Don’t worry about what is trending. You are timeless.

2) Tell me!

I want to make this experience fun. By letting me know, I can help you and your partner feel comfortable by guiding you from pose to pose. I can also make adjustments so you feel at ease. I want this to be the best experience and will do anything to make sure that happens.

3) Browse My Gallery

You will find a variety of poses by different couples in my gallery. It helps to look over them and choose ones you would like to do. Let me know and we will do it. I am always down for new ideas… and I may even ask you to try out some I want to do ;)

4) Blast Your Favorite Tune

Listening to your favorite song can help lighten the mood and get you moving. Feel free to bring a speaker and a set playlist for the photoshoot -whatever pumps you up. Who knows we might even have a dance party after!

5) Have Fun

This is one of the greatest moments of your life. Take a deep breath and enjoy it. It’s yours. I want you to laugh, talk, and cherish this photoshoot and the photos that come with it.

Feeling confident exudes beauty, and that’s exactly what you are - beautiful. Let’s get you feeling your best and go shoot!

How do you feel confident in a photoshoot? Let us know down below!


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