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What Even Are Detailed Shots Anyways?

You may be asking yourself… What are detailed bridal shots? It looks something like this!

Detailed photos are a special representation of all the items that bring the wedding theme to life! All of my brides love these shots, because it’s a reminder of the hard work and love put into making the wedding uniquely their own. These shots are often overlooked and forgotten, but having them forever is extremely special and brings back to life all the cherished memories.

Here are the items I recommend. You can also bring anything you want to include! I love working with new and exciting items.














One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is building relationships and making memories last forever. This is why I love detailed shoots. Capturing the small moments is just as important as the big moments.

One of my fun and cute clients shared the sweetest message, “She takes great pride in her work and cares about the little details. Ingram is amazing by what she is able to capture behind the camera. She listens to what you want and does everything she can to make you happy.”

The great thing is that I shoot the photos on your wedding day or bridal shots. It is completely up to you! I suggest taking 15 minutes to prepare and collect the items if you do it on your big day. This way you can focus on getting ready and enjoy your time before the ceremony and reception. I send the list to all of my brides beforehand, so you are completely prepared. This is stress free!

What would you love to include in your detailed shots? Comment below!


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