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What an Elopement in Grand Teton National Park Looks Like

From start to finish, this elopement out in the Grand Tetons was magical, beginning to end. The goal of this elopement was to capture the love between Leah and Braden as they exchanged vows, celebrated and documented this special day. First, let me tell you about the place, weather and overall location of this elopement. It was a cold day, even though Leah doesn't look that cold! The first snow of the season had happened this week, the mountains were snow dusted, as was parts of the ground. These pictures are taken about 5 miles into Grand Teton National Park in Moose, Wyoming. One reason we choose this location was how close you can get to the mountains and the open space between the couple, the trees, and the mountains. Since wildlife is everywhere out here, a location like this was great because you could see very far meaning that you would see wildlife coming. ;)

Leahs' dress came from @rawgoldenrentals, so gorgeous and the bouquet was done by @bouquetandbloom. The dress was so simple but elegant, it was a great choice for an elopement out in the Tetons. The bouquet was simple greens and neutral colors once again bringing in some simpleness to the shoot.

The Shoot

We started our shoot around 4pm allowing us to really grab and capture the light perfectly setting behind the magnificent Tetons. Truthfully, everything about this day was perfect. The Tetons are something so amazing and beautiful but sometimes depending on the weather they can be covered by clouds which is sad since they are what we want to capture! I always like to check the cloud coverage and wind leading up to the shoot just to make sure we get the Tetons in the background of the shoot.

Heading Three

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