4 things to do to ensure you have a good shoot when bringing a dog!

Updated: Feb 23

I feel that my whole photography journey has taught me lots, but each time I do a shoot I get to learn even more. Before you freak out and think, "She doesn't know what she's doing?? She's still learning??" What I mean is that, I learn from YOU.

Grace and Tia scheduled this shoot to do as a gift to their mom. (Cute right). In Graces' own words she said, "Moms birthday gift, but make it all about ✨us✨". When we were setting up the shoot Grace wanted a location with snow covered trees and snow. Luckily, we live in Idaho right by Wyoming and snow is easy to find. We ended up choosing this location in Alta Wyoming because of the tall green trees and this beautiful bridge set back in them. You can also see the Tetons from this location which is awesome

because you can get 2 different feelings, big open with mountains and forest vibes. "WIDE OPEN SPACCEEESSSS"

Grace and Tia didn't come alone, they brought Banjo and Scout along with them! Bringing your dog is such a cute and easy way to add more of you and your personality to the shoot. Luckily, where we were dogs didn't need to be kept on a leash allowing them to run around in the snow while we did some sister shots. If you're thinking about bringing a dog here are some of my tips!

  1. Bring some treats. I know all dogs are well behaved and trained ;) but sometimes, a little bribery is going to help them behave since you are in an unfamiliar place with me telling them to sit and look at me.

  2. Arrive early! If you have to travel in the car to our location, arrive early so that they can run around and get some zoomies out.

  3. Know your dogs limits. If you know that they will only sit still for 5 minutes, we will cherish those 5 minutes and get all the photos that we can. After that, the dog can run around, be free, and then we can come back for another 5 minutes.

  4. TOYS. Bring a ball or two to entertain while we take photos together. Be warned...toys may get lost so just be okay with that. :)

"Caption this..."

Now more of the sisters! I really loved this session because you get a sort of playful love between siblings. I have an older sister, who I admire dearly, and I know how much she means to me. When I think back to my childhood, she was always the one who was making sure my shoes were tied, helping me read, sharing the heaters and showing me what love was. As a teenager, she showed me what being a good friend was, how to understand those around and serve unconditionally. I mean, there were definitely times where we fought over who got the bracelet or earrings or who was the better driver (me;)) but those little things don't matter in the end.

Cheers to the sisters, the sister-in-laws and the ones who are sister like!

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