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5 unique poses to do at your next shoot!

One of the biggest things my clients ask me when booking a session is what they can do to at our shoot to not feel awkward and look good. Obviously we all want to look amazing when paying for photos so here are 5 poses I love to do to make sure you look your best and what you can do to feel most comfortable.

Pose #1 - Nose to Nose

Couples sand dunes shoot

This pose allows you to close you eyes, be one with your partner and just simply be. In these shots, I'll be focusing in more on your faces, waist up. You can do so much with a simple pose like this. Laugh, smile, and embrace! Usually, we will start with a nose to nose, then bring hands on one another cheeks, kiss with your teeth and then snuggle in. Here's some examples of the nose to nose with the progression to other poses within the "Nose to Nose".

Pose #2 - The "Drunk Walk"

My goal as your photographer is to photograph you the way you want to be remembered. If it's your wedding day, proposal, first look and more, let's capture the raw emotion together. Sometimes, my favorite pictures are the ones where you are playing around with your partner deeply in love. This pose, I call it the "Drunk Walk" is a great way for you to feel relaxed and enjoy your shoot. For this pose, you'll be holding hands, bumping into each other, laughing and trying to see who can get to me first.

Pose #3 - Behind the shoulder snuggle

This is one of my absolute favorite poses, especially when it's cold outside. ;) There's a couple different ways to do this pose. First, you can lock hands with each other while standing in a line, one in front of the other. You will then swing your hands out and in, walking or swaying as you go. You might feel a little bit silly doing this but the results are just 😍😍😍.

Pose #4 - Piggy Back Ride!

From sisters to couples, this is probably my favorite pose. Jumping on one persons back, you can laugh, sway, sneak in some cheek kisses, it's a very simple pose that can yield many different results, all stunning. Here are some of my favorite ways this pose has turned out!

Pose #5 - Seated cuddle!

This pose is super versatile and simple to do. In the winter I like to bring a blanket to have my couples sit on so that they aren't super cold and wet. The point of this pose is to just be cuddly together and have an intimate moment. For this, I usually have the guy sit with his legs open allowing the girl to slide on in and cuddle right up. I love to prompt my couples to talk to each other and bring natural emotions out. For this specific prompt I like to ask the guy to whisper in the girls ear their favorite meal to get the sexiest voice he can do. This usually results in lots of giggles and really cute moments together.

Which pose was your fav? Leave a comment below!


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