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How to Have a Beautiful Boho Indoor Studio Shoot!

Who said a studio shoot can't be DREAMY?!? 😍😍😍

Here's a little taste of what they can look like before we dig into this shoot!


This shoot was taken inside the White Space Studio in Downtown Rexburg. The space its self is just amazing. A large white room with tons of natural light making the session just amazing even before editing the images. The dress for this shoot was from @Goldenglowdressrentals. They are awesome. The florals were amazing, @bouquetandbloom did those.

This shoot included bridals, detail shots, and a cake cutting. From top to bottom this shoot was intimate and something special. Starting with the details. 😍😍😍

When planning your wedding something I suggest to all my brides is setting aside 15 minutes to do detail shots before/during your getting ready time. I send all my brides a list of "details" to remember to bring so that they don't have to scramble on the big day. This list includes:














Using these details we can create beautiful images like these to keep forever!


Being able to do bridals in a studio offers a different feel than outdoors, but it offers the option to keep it simple or make it fancy. For these bridals we knew we would be in a studio space so we wanted the dress to speak for its self and allow the groom to keep it simple but a statement. Wearing a simple bolo tie brings in that "boho" feel and keeps it casual. Here are some of my favorite bridal photos from this shoot!


Cake cutting is something that you should have at your wedding. It allows you and your S/O to have a moment to play and enjoy each others company when your day can be flying by so quickly. Order your fav flavor, cut a slice and save some for your anniversary the next year! We added some drinks with our cake cutting for a little ✨ ✨✨.

The last thing that we did to just make this shoot 💯 was adding in a table setting and a menu for the reception. This couple wanted to do a cake cutting at their shoot but they also wanted to have the details of their tables cape captured before the wedding. This is something you can do to lessen the stress on your wedding day and help your photographer capture all the memories that you want! They even brought their LED light for the wedding day to add to the table setting! It was GORGEOUS.

Whether you choose to do an outdoor or indoor shoot, know that your day will be special and it will be captured ✨perfectly✨

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