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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Disco Themed Wedding

Choosing your wedding theme, colors, and florals can totally shape your entire wedding day! This wedding elopement was one of my very favorites topped off with a white bouncy house from @idahobouncycastles. (They are seriously the best!) While disco is not for everyone, this elopement has some great inspiration for those people who are wanting a fun, bright, memorable wedding!

I want to talk about 5 reasons to have a wedding themed after YOU!

1. It's your special day!

Planning a wedding can get busy, overwhelming, and exhausting, ESPECIALLY when you are planning a wedding that you don't even want. BRIDES. Don't fall into the trap that you need to please everyone, it's your day! This shoot was a great example of what it means to stick to you. Lauren and Will both love rollerskating and skateboarding so we brought in these elements of fun into their elopement. Playing off the roller-skates we themed this shoot with bright colors and some disco!

The florals, done by @carissa.bouquetandbloom, totally represented Lauren's bright personality and zest for life. With bright pinks, purples, and pastels, this dried/faux bouquet really spoke for its self.

2. Choose to have fun!

Playing off the first tip, choosing to enjoy your day is important! For this elopement we did something so super fun, we brought in a white bouncy castle (thanks to @idahobouncecastles) and had @theknottyballoon decorate it. This was the main focus of their elopement. Together they enjoyed their time together dancing and laughing celebrating their love.

The white bounce castle was really something so fun and unique. If you are looking to bring one to your wedding, hit up @idahobouncecastles! This shoot was out in Swan Valley, Idaho on 28 acres of land. At first, I was a little worried about power BUT, IdahoBounceCastles will bring a generator so that it can be set up, anywhere! Because the castle is white, they won't set up in the rain so just take notice of the weather if you choose to have one! It was a really windy day and we were still able to set it up and party!

I do have to give a special shout out to the women behind these businesses...they are truly awesome and wonderful to work with! Make sure to check them out.

3. Get Jiggy With It!

Choose to party! Whether you choose to elope or have a huge party (you can read a blog post here about eloping!) Blast that music, roll out the confetti and have a great time together. These are just some of my favorite photos from this day!

4. Disco Dancing

Having a Disco themed wedding automatically means that there is going to be an epic dance party. For this couple, we played some disco music throughout the day and you couldn't help but to dance. For those planning a party, sending out those disco invites and bright colors tells your guests what kind of a wedding they should expect, which in this case means a PARTY! People want to know what to expect from your wedding especially when it comes to what to wear. For this disco elopement, the invites said that they were eloping but that they would have a party with guests at later date. This is a great thing to do if you are wanting to elope but you still want to celebrate with those around you!

5. I's so cute!

The disco theme totally allows you to bring in whatever you want! Using disco balls you can bring a level of elegance or a level of play while keeping a theme of fun. For this shoot, the main things that brought in this level of "cute" was the invitations, the florals, and the bouncy house. OH! And the send off! Using white bio degradable confetti, the send off photos were just 🤌🏽🤌🏽

What do you think? Is a disco themed wedding in your future?!?! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive deals, freebies, and information to make your wedding flawless.

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