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6 Items to Include in Your Wedding Shoot

I will do everything I can to make sure that you get every shot you want on your special day. Some of the most magical photos come from the simplest and most beautiful things. Here are six special items that will add that beauty to your wedding day.

1) Rings and ring box

This shot can be so stunning and will be a photo you never forget. It gives the deserved attention to your rings. This is often overlooked. I will make sure thet get a little bit of the spotlight!

2) Invitation

Including your wedding invitation in the shoot with the rings is absolutely stunning. It adds such a special touch and makes these shots so personalized.

3) Wedding dress

There is nothing more breathtaking than a photo of your wedding dress before you wear it on your special day. Typically I will take a photo of your dress on the hanger, posed in beautiful light. It gives the dress it’s own moment that it deserves.

4) Flowers

So much time goes into the preparation of the flowers, and they can be some of the most beautiful parts of your big day. I always like to highlight the wedding bouquet. One thing you will never forget is how stunning your flowers are.

5) Accessories

This one can go for the bride and the groom. I like to do a shoot with the bride’s jewelry, shoes, perfume, hair piece if you have one, and your invitation. It really ties everything together and creates such a special moment. I also like to do a shot with any accessories the groom may have. That could include cuff links, shoes, boutonniere, watch, ring, cologne, etc. These end up being some of the coolest shots!


The love you and your fiance have for each other is the most important thing I can capture on your special day. Be prepared to show all the love on your BIG DAY!

What do you want to include in your wedding shoot? Let me know down below!


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