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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Your Own

My biggest hope is that you love everything about your wedding day. It is a celebration of you and your partner! It also showcases your style and personality. I want to help make this day less stressful and more fun! Let’s go over 4 simple ways to help you make your wedding exactly how you want it!

1) You do YOU

This sounds easy, but can be so hard for some people, because it is so common for people to voice their opinion even if you don’t ask. It can be hard to say no to family members or friends when they suggest or request something. Just remember that this day is about you and your partner… no one else! At the end of the day, you are the one who will remember this day the most.

2) Surround yourself with love

Involve the people that will lift you up and make you feel beautiful on your wedding day! Supportive family and friends are a game changer in the planning process. Having people pump you up and help you makes the entire experience more positive.

3) Don’t worry about trends

Trends come and go. Pick a theme you love and go from there. If you like what is trending, go for that!

Listen to yourself and your desires. That is what matters most.

4) Pick a theme

Having a set theme or style makes decision making so much easier. Knowing what you want to base color scheme, decorations, and ambience to be like helps narrow down options. Here are three themes that you can choose from:




5) Do research

Something that helps so many brides and grooms decide what they want is by looking at all their options. Browse on social media, look at magazines, and ask family and friends. I know so many people who simply looked at their own wardrobe and decorations to know what they wanted.

The most important thing is that you do YOU.

Which tip was most helpful to you and why? Comment below!


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