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4 Reasons To Elope for Your Wedding

There really are a million reasons to elope. Let's focus on the top 4 reasons my clients chose to elope and the meaning behind their decision! The most important thing is that you choose what you most enjoy and how you want to spend your special day. It is all about you and your partner!

1) Intimate and meaningful

There is nothing better than having the people you love most in the world showing their love and support on the biggest day of your life. Having them by your side weeping, laughing, and dancing are beautiful memories you want to remember forever. You and your partner bring people together reminding them that love and commitment exist. This love and commitment you share with your small group of people is so powerful.

Typically, an elopement wedding includes 20 people or less. This is the most recent definition of eloping. It has evolved from running away and not telling anyone. However, that is just as fun and special. It can be you, your, partner, a marriage officiant, and of course me ;)

Also, I think it is so important to add that eloping helps you enjoy your day, your way. Not to say that it is impossible to do it with a larger guest list. It just helps to be able to freely choose the date, time, and location without having the stress of others weighing on you. Being carefree while planning your wedding is ideal!

2) Saving money

I cannot stress this one enough. Budgeting is important to so many people. By eloping, you save on venues, food, decorations, hiring outside resources, and renting miscellaneous items. The list goes on! One of the reasons I love most is that the couples are down to earth and want their day to be full of love and laughter.

The Knot shared that in 2022 the average wedding was $30,000. By eloping, you can save over half of that amount. The average elopement wedding is $5,000 - $15,000. That is quite a big difference in cost. Most of the elopements that cost more are because the couple elopes out of the country! That makes totaly sense, because of plane tickets, venues, and room and board. Either way, it is significantly cheaper.

It is still important to make list of the costs so you don't go over your budget! A great way to start is by finding the location of the elopement, how many guests will attend, and the cost of plane tickets.

3) Unique photos

I am a little biased, but come on! Elopement photos are breathtaking and mesmerizing. They stand out and feature the two of you glowing together. Elopments make for the best photos, because it focuses on you, your partner, and the environemnt. I also love shooting a small group of people, because the love is so heavily captured.

There are so many more options when it comes to eloping for photos. It also has a more authentic and genuine feel to the images. It also requires less planning and coordinating, which helps you focus on being in the moment. Eloping is a lot more flexible in the sense that you can do whatever you want. It is less stressful, because you don't have to worry about everyone else.

4) Explore somewhere new

You are my kind of person if you love adventuring and exploring new places and cultures. This is such a big reason why people choose to elope. People want to live and experience life and what better way to experience life than with your partner?

The choice of locations is endless, which also means you are not confined to time constraints by venues and vendors. I loved looking at different locations that really grabbed my attention. Head over to my blog post about locations I want tot visit this year for more details!

What makes you want to elope? Let me know below!


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